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 I have a love hate relationship with social media.   I keep in touch with friends and family on Facebook, using it as a place where we check in with each other's lives in a way that we wouldn't if we didn't have our connections on Facebook.  Without doubt, the circle of people whose lives I felt involved in would be smaller if it weren't for Facebook. I use LinkedIn for work.  I post stuff about leadership, mental health awareness in the workplace and the need for further LGBTQ+ inclusion.  I have a fair number of followers on LinkedIn, and it slots nicely into my professional life as a way to get my thoughts on leadership out into the wild and also as a good tool to find candidates for open roles in my team. I've been on and off Twitter and - more recently - Instagram over the years, but have ultimately given up on them.  I don't really know anyone I'm interacting with, and all those people I do know are on Facebook or LinkedIn anyway... I have never subsc