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Going to Saturn to see the ducks

I had a fun dream the other night.  We had gone on a day trip to Saturn to see the ducks.  The leg room was cramped on the flight, but we landed in the Asda car park and took the stairs down onto the expanse of orange and yellow that was a Saturnian wetland.  The ducks looked pretty much like earth ducks, and bobbed in and out of the water. The landscape was full of strange flowers and focus, and we were admiring and photographing a green mushroom when a giant whale began to swim towards us through the water.  However as it got closer, it wasn't a whale.  It was just more ducks. So we took the optional excursion around to the dark side of the planet so you could see up into the night sky.  And when we got there, we looked up and saw the Earth and the Moon glittering with a million lights in the distance. It was magical, but soon had to come to an end when we followed the tour guide back to the cramped seats on the bus and got ready to go home. In the morning I woke disappoin