Musical dreams - am I cool or what?

I've heard it said that dreams can say a lot about someone, so what do you make of the dream I had last night..?

I was booked to go with a couple of friends to see Noel Gallagher and Jarvis Cocker performing together in concert.  That's cool, right?

Getting to our seats was quite complicated, and I kept taking the wrong staircase and couldn't find the way to the seat (hmmm).  Eventually I got to the seat only to find that before they came on stage, there was a chemistry lecture, which we sat through with interest.  Once it was over, it was time for the main gig, but I was a bit tired, so decided that the lecture was enough entertainment for the evening and went home instead.

But all was not lost, as both Noel and Jarvis had agreed to perform the following day in a musical that I'd written.  So that was cool.  

Cut to the following day.

The venue was split over two rooms.  There was a room set up like a club for people to get warmed up before the show, and then the room with the stage in where the musical was going to happen.  All was set, and it was very exciting.

Except at the last minute, the estate of the author of the book on which the musical was based said they weren't happy with the changes to the story we'd made in order to fit the Oasis and Pulp songs into the narrative.  And so we had to huddle with some lawyers and try to rewrite the story at the last minute to try to satisfy the author's estate whilst still keep the narrative.  This took some time and all the people waiting for the show got board, and so I plugged in a drum machine and played 80s cheesy songs from my phone with a thumping drum beat over the top to try to keep them amused.  It didn't work; they all packed up and went home.

And so we were sat huddled on the floor rewriting the musical, and went into some detail about the legalities of what we were and were not allowed to change from the original text.  By the time we finished, the club room was empty and dark, and we walked through to the auditorium to find that it was one o'clock in the morning and Noel and Jarvis had gone home bored.

And then I woke up.

Neither Noel nor Jarvis actually appeared in my dream at all.  The only conclusion I can draw from this is that I'm actually a very dull person, that I'd rather dream about legal matters than watch Noel Gallagher and Jarvis cocker performing together. 

Oh well.  That's middle age for you, I guess.

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