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Dipping a toe into hot water

I don't usually go near controversial topics.  I keep it light and fluffy and talk about how badly designed toilets are  or s ometimes about nothing at all .  But today, I'm going to turn a little bit serious and talk about women.   The thing is, I can feel that even reading that there's been a sharp intake of breath amongst some people reading this. So, on LinkedIn yesterday I recounted something which happened to me a few years ago.  It's a true story, and I gave only the highlights in a quick status update.  Here it is... A few years ago, I met a recruiter for coffee.  During the conversation over coffee, he made one or two remarks about a woman who walked into the coffee shop which I thought were inappropriate remarks.   I didn't say anything at the time, but never worked with the recruiter to either represent me, or to hire for me in any of the roles I've been in since.   My only regret is that I didn't tell him why.  It feels a little bit t