It's been a while

It's been a long while since I've written in here. Probably so long that I should consider this a new blog rather than just skipping over the gap like nothing happened.  Well not much has happened.   Well not in my life anyway.  Oh, well I went on a really long holiday, but not much besides that.  The holiday wasn't the length of the whole gap away from this blog though.  So I don't really have an excuse.

Anyway, like many people, last week I updated my Facebook picture to include a French flag.  I didn't use one of the in-built overlay things; I found a picture of a French flag in my own photos and used that.  But now I'm stuck with it.  It's made me realise when I never usually do these things.  No Pride flag, no Red Ribbon on World AIDS Day. It's not because I don't care, it's to avoid the awkwardness of when you take it down again.

It's a bit easier when it's a particular day.  You can take it down as soon as that day is over. But I put up a French flag in order to demonstrate solidarity with French friends. To show them I care.  So how long should I leave it up. If I take it down now, am I showing them that I no longer care?  If putting the flag up with to indicate that I'm thinking of how difficult this must for them, does taking it down mean that I've given up thinking about the attacks in Paris and gone back to pondering who's going to win Strictly this year?

Of course not, but it's the dangerous ground you step into when you do this public show of support.  I should just rely on the fact that my friends know I'll be thinking of them.  But now I'm stuck with a French flag as as Facebook profile picture and have to think of a delicate way to remove it.

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