A month

Has it really been a month since I posted in here?  How does time fly by so quickly? I think it's a sign of age catching up with me that the weeks, the months and the years seem to fly by so quickly.

I find it hard to believe that it's four years since my Dad died.  And three years since we went and scattered his ashes in North Wales on our way to a holiday in the Isle of Man.  Four years.

When I was a kid, three years was such a long time.  Three years was the difference between going to secondary school for the first time, and thinking about taking my first GCSE.  My outlook on life was so different between those two points, and yet the truth is that my life now isn't that different to how it was four years ago.  I do have a different job, but other than that, my life hasn't really changed very much.

I have learned a bit more French that I knew before.  Tried (and ultimately failed) to learn how to swim and been forced to give up playing badminton thanks to a slightly dodgy elbow.  I've been to Iceland.  That's quite cool, I suppose.

I've also been to the US.  People quite often find it slightly strange that despite having done a fair amount of business travel in the past, the first time I went to the US was only around two years ago.  I've been to Seattle quite a few times now.  It's a great city, but going there is no longer particular exciting, unfortunately - it's just another destination I go to with work now and again.  I'd have to go quite a few times more to bear the number of trips I've made to Stockholm over the years, though.

Anyway.  I've a month since I've written, and I have nothing interesting to write.  Maybe that's why I write so infrequently.

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