There are things which wind me up.  Plenty of things.  I do have a few blog posts brewing in my mind and I was concerned that if wrote a string of blog posts all of which consisted of me railing against a particular thing, then I may come across as grumpy.  So I'm going to get a few things off my chest and then move on.  Here are a few things which have the ability to disturb my calm.

People who grunt in the gym

It's good to breathe in and out at the right time during exercise.  Breathing out during the exertion is generally good technique.  But there's no need to grunt.  The only reason I can think of to grunt is if you want other people in the gym to look at you.

People who have long conversations in shops

There's a queue of people.  We will want to pay for our stuff and get on with our day.  I know it's nice to interact with the staff, but when they hand you the receipt that's your time over.  It's like when the Queen shakes your hand at an investiture ceremony. Your time is up and it's someone else's turn.  Be polite, be pleasant and make small-talk with the staff.  But if there's a queue of people behind you, their being served is generally a higher priority than what you think of the checkout assistant's hair...

People who count the number of Twitter followers they have

It's the Internet. It really doesn't matter.  Don't get so hung up on it.

People who say "you don't need to lose weight" every time I decline a dessert

Nothing to say on this one really.  It's lovely that you're trying to help me with my self-esteem.  But the reality is that I've chosen to avoid desserts.  I accept your choice to eat dessert without comment... accept my choice not to with the same.

All these shows on the TV which talk about how the supermarkets are "conning us with offers"

Supermarkets are businesses.  They exist to make money.  as long as the correct price is displayed on the shelf and someone makes an informed choice to buy then nobody is being "ripped off".  If you don't like the price, then buy something else, or buy the same thing from somewhere else.  There's a thing on in the background right now saying "food prices have risen since this time last year for almost everyone".  Yes. That's inflation.  The same people complaining about that in the Daily Mail are the ones who shout "double dip" when inflation creeps down towards zero.  The two things are related...

People who think they are too important to press buttons

I've seen men in suits get into a lift and wait for someone else to press the button.  You may have someone take your calls and arrange your diary for you but when you're out of the office you no longer have that status.  Sorry to break it to you, but you're an ordinary person so press the bloody button yourself.

The Big Bang Theory

It's awful. I watch it on planes.  I hate it.  But still I watch it.  Why do I do that to myself?

There.  That feels better. Normal service will now be resumed.

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