I don't like 2014 so far

2014 seems to be quite a wet year.  It's not stopped raining and it's quite windy too. I don't like 2014.  It's too wet.

Of course, that's nonsense.  But it's not a million miles away from the response you get if you ask for advice on holiday destinations.

"How was ?"

"It was terrible, the people are all very rude the whole time!"

"How many times have you been?"

"Oh, just the once"

And it turns out that someone was just slightly brusque with them in a supermarket on the second day and suddenly the whole population of is decried as rude.

We're currently in the process of trying to find somewhere to go for a few days to get a bit of warmth in the winter this year.  It seems that whatever destination you mention, someone has something bad to say and it's generally based on a sample size so small as to be meaningless.

Of course, people are made to be good at deducing things from tiny simple sets.  Evolution conveys such judgement a huge advantage.  But whilst that's generally been good at deciding whether a previously unencountered animal is going to eat us or not, it's not that great at judging holiday destinations.

The UK isn't brilliantly place for holidays to "warm but interesting" places.  You can get to the Costa Del Sol or somewhere in a few hours, but I can't say that really appeals to me.  I've never been one for sitting on a beach doing nothing, and given that I'm fast approaching middle age, I don't intend to spend time doing that whilst I still have the energy to walk around and explore.  I just wish there were more "slightly warmer" cities close to the UK and worth a week's holiday!

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