I was driving through North Greenwich earlier today.  I'd just been into the Asda there, which I can say was a truly horrible experience.  For reasons I won't go into, I just needed a few things. I knew exactly what I wanted, and knew whereabouts I'd find them.  It was still like wading through a level of hell trying to get a few groceries and get out again quickly.  I've nothing against Asda, per se, but that one just felt full of people squabbling, pushing and letting their children run riot. *shudders*

Anyway, after that, driving back towards the Blackwall Tunnel, and there was a sign for a new development.  Apparently they are offering a thing called an "uberhaus".  I know enough German to construct what that may mean, but Googling for the word gave me just the link back to that development's website.  This is obviously some horrible made-up word to try to make their offering sound special.  Like "Olay Renegeris" and "Tefal Resistium" (I'm not making it up - I have pans which claim to be made of the latter).

It wasn't the only time today when Googling for something returned me only to the website of the place I saw it in the first place.  We had lunch at a little place near the Tower of London and on the dessert menu was something called "Rosary Cheesecake".  I Googled, and yet again the only thing which came back was the website of the restaurant.  It was - we presumed - actually meant to be "Rosemary" but when it arrived it didn't seem to have any rosemary in it, so the mystery continues.   For anyone reading this who's seen me on Twitter going on about my diet, I should point out that I didn't eat the cheesecake, or any other diet for that matter...

I've spent a lot of this weekend in a bit of a state of confusion.  I'd always told myself that I'd never be one of those people who lost touch with modern music as I got older.  Music is so important to me, that I swore I'd keep up with what was going on.  And so it was I was very pleased when we identified someone on the BBC's Glastonbury coverage as being Professor Green - I even knew a few of the songs.   My pride was punctured when it turned out to be someone called Example, though.  Oops.

Talking of pride, it was apparently Gay Pride in London yesterday.  I said a few things in Twitter which I think lost me a few followers, so I'm not going to rant here - but the fact I didn't even know it was happening until Friday probably says something about my level of enthusiasm and interest in it...

Anyway, let's stop that before I start ranting and I get accused of being homophobic or something (it has happened a few times, actually)

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