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20 Things I've Learned...

I've not written in here for over a month.  Mostly because I've been busy watching the Paralympics and visiting Edinburgh, amongst other things.  So, to fill the gap - here are a few things which I've learned in the past month. 1. George Michael isn't above plugging his new single at the Olympics Closing Ceremony 2. The National Trust have a strange lack of properties in and around Cheshire 3. Some motorways are really short and can be driven end-to-end in an hour 4. Tim Minchin makes a really good Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar 5. Fireworks can be synchronised to music 6. The absolute nadir of television has been reached with "Sing Date" 7. Southend Pier is indeed very long 8. Chester Cathedral isn't as big as I remember it being 9. Lady Gaga is really quite good live 10. Boron burns with a lovely colour