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The Unwilling Patriot

As anyone who reads my Tweets, or has read this blog before, will know - I'm not particularly patriotic.  I don't feel any emotional attachment to the country I was born in.  There's no greater purpose which dictated that I should've been born in this country. But even my hard British heart has been melting slightly as we approach the Jubilee weekend.  On the TV, and sometimes on holiday, other countries proudly display their flags and we look at it and think "look, it's so nice to see the flags everywhere".  And yet for years, flying the Union Jack(*) was the sole preserve of The National Front and their equally odious successors The BNP.  But no longer. London looks stunning at the moment.  Every city looks great in the sunshine, but London is dressed up to the nines at the moment with the flags everywhere, and it can't help but put a smile on your face. It's a very British occupation to do things down.  To pretend not to enjoy things is vi