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How to travel on the tube

I spend about two hours a day travelling across London on the tube. Westwards in the morning and then back Eastwards of an evening.  Usually without a seat, I stand somewhere out of the way, bury my head in a book and pass the time whatever way I can.  Yet the journey is usually troubled by other people.  Not those people who travel the same route every day and behave well; but troubled by those who stand in the way, swing bags around and generally provide an annoyance.  I am no expert on tube etiquette, but I offer below my ten rules for how to travel by tube without annoying me... 1. Let others off the train before pushing your way on Tubes are busy.  They are full of people.  Quite often the train will pull into the platform and it's natural to stare into the windows as the train slows and wonder just how any more people will possibly fit on the train.  The answer is, usually, that people will get off the train and you can squeeze on into the space they free up.  But they ar