I just don't care anymore

What a nihilistic title for a post.  Of course, I don't mean it generally; I'm being very specific with it.

There are things in my life I care about and have always cared about.  I care about the well-being of my friends.  I care about having an interesting career.  I care about the latest scientific developments.  And I care about the health of our guinea pigs.

There are things I have never cared about.  Football, for instance.

And then there are the things I used to care about, but really don't raise any interest anymore.  Things which I used to actively seek out information about and take an active interest in, but which now pass me by.  It's not that I've gone from "liking" them to "disliking" them - it's simply that I don't really care anymore.

Firstly on the list is Madonna.  Back when she put out "Ray Of Light", I used to listen to every single and follow when the next album was coming out.  We even went to see her on tour.  I have to say, the concert was pretty disappointing.  Rehearsed to the point of perfection, there was no spontaneity and no life in it.  Yeah she sang live, and yeah she played a bit of guitar, but I would've preferred a few more rough edges and a little more fun. Since then my interest has waned.  I don't actively dislike her, I just don't really care anymore.  She came across as quite unpleasant on Graham Norton the other week, I admit.  I was hoping I'd watch that and care again.  But I just don't.  She's got a new album out soon, apparently.  *shrug*

Also on the list is Top Gear.  It used to be fun.  The challenges used to be interested and the jokes used to be original and funny.  And then it became the same.  There are occasional flashes of interest - but largely every new series could be replaced with a repeat of the last series and nobody would notice.  I don't even both recording it on Sky+ anymore.

I'm almost ashamed to admit that I don't really care about QI anymore.  I used to love it.  Pedantry and trivia are two of my favourite things in the world, and putting them on TV with Stephen Fry (who is also on this list, btw) seemed ideal.  And it was.  For a few series.  But it's all a bit same-y now.  Time to put the format to bed and come up with another, methinks.

And finally, and I hate saying this even more than I hate saying I don't really care for QI anymore...  I really am not that bothered about Doctor Who anymore.  I don't know quite how it happened, but it saddens me that it has.  I was a fan as a kid, and never missed an episode.  And so I was thrilled when it came back a few years ago.  Reinvented, but still the same old show, I got hooked and was watching every week and used to count the weeks until the new series started.  And then it faded.

It wasn't sudden.  It was a gradual drifting away.  I think the constant barrage of stories where the Doctor saves the Universe have worn me down, and compassion fatigue has set in.  Every series had to be bigger and have more of a sense of "the end of everything" than the last and it started to get silly.  I guess I'll watch the next series, but if I miss an episode, I shalln't shed a tear.

So I need some new things to care about.  I need some TV series to watch and get drawn into.  I need some new music to listen to.  Maybe the answer is to start watching films? ;-)

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