I said I was going to write in regularly in this year, and this feels regular; certainly more regularly than last year.

I have had a run of breaking things recently.  Of course, I don't believe in such nonsense, but I was hoping that things broke in groups of three - so that once I'd broken a third thing (the third thing to be broken was the screen on my phone) it'd stop, and I could carry on with life without having to continually pay for repairs to things - but as it happened, in taking my phone in and out of its case so many times, I managed to break the case.  So there's another one in the post to me from Amazon.

This experience of breaking things has made me grateful for how immediate modern life has become.  When something breaks, it's just a couple of phone calls and usually within a day or two, your phone (or whatever) is repaired and working again.

The run of breaking things extended to the strings of my badminton racquet (racket? I'm never sure...) this morning.  I wasn't playing brilliantly, and then suddenly I played a clear (high long shot to the back, for those who don't know) which just made a slightly weird noise and dropped short.  Then I looked at my right hand and the string was broken.  Bugger.

It's now in for repair (on a Sunday and everything!) so hopefully I should have it back by the time I play on Tuesday.

It seems that my run of things breaking around me has surrounded me with an impermeable shield of "things staying working".  This evening, most of Wapping lost power.  I took the photo below from our garden, looking across Wapping.  The big black area is actually buildings full of apartments - but they (along with the streetlights) are dark.  We had a couple of wobbles but the power stayed on throughout.

For the avoidance of doubt - just in case anyone thinks I've lost the plot - I don't really believe that things break in threes, or that by having lots of things break I had paid some sort of cosmic debt meaning I was protected from a power cut.  Though whatever reason did keep our power on, I'm quite glad, as I had some roast potatoes in the oven crisping up nicely in goose fat, and I wouldn't have wanted them to go soggy.

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