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Staying home for Christmas

The word "home" has two meanings around this time of year.  To illustrate this, consider the two following conversations: Person A: "We're going away for Christmas, what are you up to?" Person B: "Nice.  We're staying at home this year" Person A: "Are you going home for Christmas this year?" Person B: "Yes, travelling up Christmas Eve and back the week after" For me - "home" always has the first meaning.  Home for me is the place I live, not the place I used to live.  I guess maybe it's a sign of age that the place where I grew up no longer is no longer synonymous with "home" in my mind. Forgive me if I seem rather grumpy, but Christmas seems to do that to me.  I don't know why, but as December progresses, I feel my grumpiness levels creeping up.  I very nearly had strong words with a woman who stepped in front of me when I was buying houmous in Waitrose a couple of days ago (*) The franti