A week off. And I mean REALLY off

I am off work next week. In fact, slightly more than that. I am officially unemployed.

Well, given I'm being strict in what I say, I should say - I am officially under contract with my old employer until next Wednesday but have a couple of days holiday booked. Then the contract with my new employer kicks in a week on Monday.

A week off between two jobs is the ultimate in relaxation. With the old job behind you, there's no stress about what will be waiting in the inbox when you return. With the new job not yet started, there's only the excitement of a new job and no stress yet.

Last time I tried this, a year-and-a-bit ago, fate intervened and my Dad died at the start of the week and I spent the week organising his funeral (and other paperwork) then made a dash to London at the end of the week and drove back to London just 36 hours before starting work in the new job.

But this next week I intend to relax completely. Of course there are people and places I'm going to miss from the old place. And there are questions and a sense of excitement about starting at the new place. But for now, I'm going to forget about all of that.

So this next week I'm going to unwind, relax and enjoy myself. Expect lots of care-free tweets for the next week or so...

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