But it means nothing..

The other day, I was on a train home. Opposite sat a woman who seemed to be simlutaneously trying to break every rule of sitting on a train. She was eating smelly food, listening to loud music and had her feet on the seats. If only she'd had an open container of alcohol, she'd have had a full house.

Something about her annoyed me - it wasn't the smell of the food, nor the music - it was the container in which she had her pile of fried chicken. Written on the edge of the lid along one of the flaps were the words "Thank you - please call again".

Such ridiculous phrases do annoy me.

Let's presume for a minute that I had bought a huge box of greasy fried chicken and was shovelling it into my mouth. I look down at the box and see the words "Thank you - please call again". Maybe I wasn't planning on going back to that particular chicken vendor, but seeing those words may just make me think "actually, that's very kind of them to say thank you. I think I shall go back there".

You see the same rubbish sometimes as you're leaving a shop. Above the door you'll see "Please call again" as if it's going to tempt you back when just having a plain space above the door would somehow dissuade me from ever visiting that shop again.

Mind you, it's not half as annoying when someone you leans in, smiles and says "cheer up!"

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