Things you overhear…

I was waiting at Euston station for a train yesterday. The train was delayed. I would say “as is typical” but in fairness to Virgin Trains, the service from London to Chester is usually pretty reliable.

Anyway – waiting for the delayed train, I was standing with the rest of the world staring at the departure board trying to guess which of the incoming trains shown on the arrivals board would become our outgoing train so I work out which platform I should be edging towards. Having a pre-booked seat reservation didn’t stop me from thinking that getting on the train sooner rather than later would somehow speed up my journey.

Two guys were standing next to me. From the way they were interacting, I’d say they were probably workmates who both happened to be getting trains from Euston around the same time, so had travelled there together. They were talking very loudly, and so even had I wanted to, avoiding hearing their conversation would’ve been somewhat impossible.

The taller and younger of the guys was talking about his girlfriend. Apparently she had decided that she needed to lose weight, and he started by saying how he’d told her that she looked fine the way she was, and that she didn’t need to lose weight. That made me warm to him.

He did, however, follow up that modern sentiment with … “cos thin birds have small tits and I told her that I like her tits really big”.

Men, eh?

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