Ga Ga Ooh La La

I’ve waited a week or so before writing this, just to ensure that the sheer delight from seeing Lady GaGa at the O2 didn’t fade with time, it hasn’t.

I should declare now that I’m a Lady GaGa fan.  She’s completely nutty, but I like that in a pop star.

The show at the O2 was even better than I had expected – and my expectations were pretty high. 

There was a Rolls Royce with a piano under the bonnet, a fountain which shot flames, a grand piano which set itself on fire and of course the huge monster which she killed by shooting sparks from her breasts.  As you do. 

But, amongst all the silliness, every song was sung live, with a live band.  She spent the whole two hours in fully choreographed dance routines.   Not only can she sing, she can play the piano and she writes almost all of her songs.

I’m sick and tired of modern pop stars who seem to think a concert involves prancing around with a few dancers whilst someone back stage presses play on your latest CD and you move your lips in time to the music. 

It’s often claimed that you can’t sing and dance at the same time. Not true. Admittedly it’s hard to sing well whilst performing an energetic dance routine – but it is definitely possible.

I’m also tired of pop stars (and rock stars) who seem to think that if you lack any musical talent you can make up for it by drinking a lot and saying controversial things.   If I pay 50 quid for a concert ticket, I want to see an artist who’s sober enough to remember the words and I want to see them give the best performance they can.

And this is why I love Lady GaGa.  You can see from watching her perform that she spends many more hours in the rehearsal studio than she does in the bar, and that’s how it should be!

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