Looking forward to 2010

2009 wasn’t a great year.  I don’t seem to be the only one saying so, either.  But still it’s gone now, and although the whole concept of numbering the years is arbitrary, the reset of the annual clock to 1 does give an opportunity to draw a line and make a few changes.

So far, 2010 has been “cold with a flutter of snow” but I expect there’ll be some sunshine along the way at some point.

In the summer, our local station reopens again after nearly three years (East London Line Extension) giving us direct access to Dalston, Croydon and Crystal Palace from our local station.  Lovely.  That’ll be useful, then.

But before that, we get the second part of Doctor Who: End of Time – starring a blonde John Simm as a rather deranged Master and Timothy Dalton as a spitting Time Lord.  I actually enjoyed the first episode on Christmas Day, my only concern is that in order to undo the “Master Race” thing, there’s going to be a reset and we’ve had a few too many resets in recent years and it’d be nice to have a story with resolution rather than simply rewinding time to the beginning of the story again.

So, that’s my view of 2010 so far.  A blank slate of a year with a new Doctor in the TARDIS and a new local train service.   My only hope for the year is that many things happen more interesting that both of those…

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