So this is Christmas….

It’s been far too long since I’ve written in here.  Almost every entry I write begins with those words and so I presume there’s a message in there somewhere; I should write more often.  And I shall. In 2010, I promise I shall.

Christmas is never a time of great joy for me.  It’s not a time of particular sadness, but given that the rest of the world seems determined to be elevated into a happier state of being for the latter half of December, my continued normal state of humdrum feels rather left behind in the rush for tinselly nirvana.

Personally, 2009 has been an exhausting year.  Starting it in a new job, only to be made redundant from said job in the first week back in January.  Then starting work at Symbian ( in March and working through until now without much of a break.  I need the rest.  I need a week of no work, no stress and no alarm clock.

At least there has been some Christmas cheer this week.  Sunday was a particularly good day, with a trip to Hammersmith to see Robin Ince et. al. celebrate the wonder of the world and the joy of humanity without any supernatural getting in the way – and of course the wonderful news that RATM actually made it to Christmas No.1

But Christmas, for me, is not an “up” time – it’s definitely downtime. Thanks to a trip to Waitrose the other evening, we now have enough supplies in the cupboards that we need not brave a supermarket for a while.  There’s a new episode of Doctor Who to look forward to tomorrow.  And the icy pavements and roads of London are once again safe to use.

It’s Christmas. All is calm. Peace.

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