The mind plays tricks on us, we all know that. For years, I had a song going around in my head – except it was only the line “Falling apart, because I know I’ve lost my guardian angel” going around and around in my head.

A week or two ago, I tracked it down on Amazon and bought it.

This is where my memory had deceived me. In my mind, this was a famous song from the 80s which surely everyone knew. I always found it very strange that I seemed to be the only person who remembered that line, and was sure that everyone else was just pretending to be oblivious to this song. Here is the song, courtesy of YouTube. You even get to look at some cheesy pictures of angels whilst it’s playing…

… isn’t it awful?

A little time spent on Google reveals that this is not the only version of the song. It exists in a couple of cover versions. First up, here’s Nino De Angelo…

… isn’t that worse than the first one?

Finally, in that horrible modern trend of taking songs from the eighties and sticking them to a dance beat, here’s a version by Novaspace…

… told you so!

So why have I blogged about this terrible song? Two reasons. Firstly, I don’t think it’s that terrible and is worthy of the wider audience that I thought it already had. Secondly, if it’s been stuck in my head for years, it’s only fair that it’s now stuck in yours too… altogether now… “I’m falling apart because I know I’ve lost my guardian angel…”

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