A couple more gigs…

It’s been quite a week for gigs…

After the relative seriousness of Bruce Springsteen on Sunday, we saw Spinal Tap on Tuesday – a gig which didn’t contain a single trace of seriousness.  Great fun, all the same, though.  And maybe the most attentive audience I’ve ever seen at a gig; almost everyone knew almost every word!

On Wednesday night, we went to a recording of Chain Reaction, the BBC Radio 4 chat show which doesn’t have a host – each week the interviewee from the previous week becomes the interviewer.  We saw two episodes being recorded – Frank Skinner interviewing Eddie Izzard, and then Eddie Izzard interviewing Alastair Campbell.  Despite having no aircon (the noise is too much when recording, apparently) it was a great evening – Alastair Campbell has gone up in my estimation after seeing him being interviewed!

And then, last night, our final gig of the week – Blur in Hyde Park.  They were sublime.  Their songs matched perfectly the sun setting over the park on a warm summer evening.  It made me realise just how much I’d missed Blur in the years they’ve been away.  I was never an obsessive fan, but when I was at University in the mid-90s, Blur songs were everywhere on the radio and in the bars around Cambridge.

Given Damon Albarn still has a creative streak, I would be genuinely interested if they decided to do new material.  Most times when a band has a comeback, there’s the voice in the back of your head screaming “no new material” (witness the horridness that was “The Cosmos Rocks” with Queen and Paul Rodgers, for instance) – but maybe Blur should be given a chance.  A new album may actually be worth a listen.

So that’s it for gigs for this week, and for a while actually – we’re gigged-out I think!

Time for a little bit of relaxation now before the return to work on Monday…

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