Thursday, 30 July 2009

Well I never…

How it takes me back.  University days and the drinking game “I have never”.  For the uninitiated, the game involves saying “I have never” followed by something you’ve never done, and the others in the circle who HAVE done such thing are forced to take a drink.

Now I can see where you mind may be taking this, but it was never that kind of game.  We knew each other so well, that we carried around a list of things in our head with which we could force any particular person to take a drink – “I have never worn pink socks”  “I have never owned a blue hamster” “I have never done Shakespeare on stage” and so the list goes on.

I’m far too old and sensible for such silly drinking games now, but I did get to thinking the other day of the things which I’ve never done.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m not melancholic nor harbouring any desire to rush off and do these things – merely observing that despite having done many interesting things in my life, there are some things which you may assume everyone has done by my age, but which I (and probably lots of other people) haven’t.

So, for your delectation and boredom, I present “Ten Things I’ve Never Done”

1. I have never been skiing (or snowboarding)

2. I have never smoked marijuana

3. I have never been to Spain

4. I have never been camping

5. I have never used a Wii games console

6. I have never seen The Godfather

7. I have never watched a football match, even on TV

8. I have never been swimming in the sea

9. I have never ridden a horse

10.  I have never been up the Eiffel Tower

Friday, 3 July 2009

A couple more gigs…

It’s been quite a week for gigs…

After the relative seriousness of Bruce Springsteen on Sunday, we saw Spinal Tap on Tuesday – a gig which didn’t contain a single trace of seriousness.  Great fun, all the same, though.  And maybe the most attentive audience I’ve ever seen at a gig; almost everyone knew almost every word!

On Wednesday night, we went to a recording of Chain Reaction, the BBC Radio 4 chat show which doesn’t have a host – each week the interviewee from the previous week becomes the interviewer.  We saw two episodes being recorded – Frank Skinner interviewing Eddie Izzard, and then Eddie Izzard interviewing Alastair Campbell.  Despite having no aircon (the noise is too much when recording, apparently) it was a great evening – Alastair Campbell has gone up in my estimation after seeing him being interviewed!

And then, last night, our final gig of the week – Blur in Hyde Park.  They were sublime.  Their songs matched perfectly the sun setting over the park on a warm summer evening.  It made me realise just how much I’d missed Blur in the years they’ve been away.  I was never an obsessive fan, but when I was at University in the mid-90s, Blur songs were everywhere on the radio and in the bars around Cambridge.

Given Damon Albarn still has a creative streak, I would be genuinely interested if they decided to do new material.  Most times when a band has a comeback, there’s the voice in the back of your head screaming “no new material” (witness the horridness that was “The Cosmos Rocks” with Queen and Paul Rodgers, for instance) – but maybe Blur should be given a chance.  A new album may actually be worth a listen.

So that’s it for gigs for this week, and for a while actually – we’re gigged-out I think!

Time for a little bit of relaxation now before the return to work on Monday…