I do stupid things

I like to think of myself as relatively bright. I can prove that pi is irrational or do a cryptic crossword.

So why do I do stupid things?

I'm not talking about making mistakes - that's only human - but there are some things which run contrary to everything I know to be true - yet I can't help myself from believing them.

Don't worry - this isn't going to turn into anything deep, although it was heading in that direction.

Earlier this evening, I cooked myself some lamb. The oven needed to be hot, but not at the maximum temperature. I know how thermostats work, and I know how ovens use thermostats to keep at the correct temperature. Yet, if I want the oven at 180, I still turn it up to 220 in the hope that it'll heat up more quickly. I know it doesn't work. I know that. But it doesn't stop me doing it.

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