I saw a ghost last night.

So this is Christmas….

Be Careful!

Yay! Angry Blog Posting ftw

Hampton Court Palace

It’s the little things

Well call me Susan.

6 out of 6 – well done Mr Brown

I calibrate my day with strangers

A book I didn’t like

I’m a published Android developer…


Toilet etiquette

The end of free news? I think not…

Well I never…

A couple more gigs…

Let There Be Rock!

It’s a funny old year…

The first of many…

Has it really been a month..?


What does it mean to be disposable..?

I do stupid things


...and it stopped, short, never to go again when the old man died.

Comeback failures

Well well well – it’s been a while

If uPnP is the answer...

Loosing the shackles around my data

If you want to realise the true insignificance of yourself in the Universe, then look up

Terror on the number 45 to Ilford

Never a cross word

Things that don’t go bump in the night…