I do have resolutions this New Year, but I'm not going to put them all in here for obvious reasons :-)

2008 has been a bit of a funny year. I've changed jobs for the first time in nearly a decade and taken up coaching in a sport for the first time in my life. They're both good things, btw.

I've watched the Sydney fireworks online, and they do look rather spectacular and made me wish I were in Sydney this New Year. We were there a few years ago for New Year, and I've just decided here and now that I want to be there again this time next year. That's one resolution I shall put in here...

I've also decided I need to read more. There are some beautiful books out there which I've never read, and I intend to change that. I shall try to read 50 books next year, at least!

The weather here in London is rather misty today, so I don't think there's much chance of spectacular views of fireworks this evening, but maybe it'll clear up as the evening wears on. At least it's not raining, which is something, I suppose.

Well that's it for this year - I just thought I should write something in here before the end of the year lest people think I'm dead. A little snooping has led me to realise that people do actually follow the link from Facebook and read this thing, so I promise to keep it updating with waffle throughout 2009.

See you on the other side... Have a good one...

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