It's nice to be in the one place

At risk of turning this blog a bit personal for an evening, I'd like to share a sense of stability I appear to have had overcome me in the past month.

In my previous job, I was travelling all the time. I seemed to spend half my life in airports and on planes and in hotels. It sounds glamourous, and I think for a time I actually found it quite exciting.

But with the new job, I'm spending a lot of time in London. All of my time in fact. And it's allowed me to settle into rather a nice routine of exercise, work and spending evenings at home.

It's amazing, but I'd never realised how unsettling all of that travel was until I stopped doing it. I have my weekly exercise regime worked out, and I can actually play badminton on set days every week (though Christmas is going to get in the way of that - but that I can cope with!)

I do actually have a smile on my face more often now that I'm not travelling as much. And I never thought I'd say this - but I don't care if I lose my premium level of BA Executive Club membership when it comes up for renewal.

It's nice to have done the jetset, "flying around the world" thing for a year or two - but right now, I'm quite happy to be spending some quality time in my own flat.


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