I still can't bring myself to love the iPhone...

Don't get me wrong. I don't think that the iPhone is the worst phone you could buy with your money - but it may well be the most overrated phone there's ever been.

I think my problem with the iPhone is that it's not a very good phone. It's undoubedly a thing of beauty and the UI does indeed look very very sexy. But the word "phone" looms too large in the title for me to let it get away with being as lacking as it is in the phone department.

The inability to send picture messages would be seen as a major flaw in a phone from anyone else other than Apple these days. And remember the exclamations of joy when Steve Jobs announced that you could now send a text message to more than one person at once as if it were some great achievement in phone design.

Don't get me wrong - I do think that the iPhone is a great "thing" I just don't think it's a great phone. The iPod touch for instance, I absolutely love (except for the fact that you can't get it with more storage than 32Gb which would prevent me from putting my entire music collection on it and hence is stopping me from buying one) but that's because the iPod touch isn't trying to be anything else other than a music player.

Maybe my problem is in the marketing. If the iPhone had been called the iPodCall or iPodRingRing (or whatever - I'm not very good at making up names for things) then I wouldn't be so disappointed by it but it feels as though if Apple made the iCoffeeMachine which looks very sexy, makes average coffee but makes a wonderful cup of tea.


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